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13/02/2013 Equipment

Which equipment gives the most value for money?

As a trainer, I am often asked which equipment gives the most bang for the buck? Beyond body weight training, there are some movements that we still need an external equipment to complete, for example, deadlifts and its variants, as well as pulling movements. For pulling movements, we have the MF Body Weight trainer, which is a value-for-money suspension trainer at only SGD$99.



However, to me, by far the equipment that gives the most value for money is the humble sandbag. A fully filled 15kg sandbag is only $105 and 30kg sandbag is $139. For other prices, please click here. Compared to other equipment like kettlebells or clubbells, weight for weight, it is already one of the cheapest options available for weight training.

It also comes with multiple handles for different muscle activation and different movements.


The side handles are very useful for building grip as it challenges typical holding styles.


It comes with 3 filler bags. This means that if you use a 15kg sandbag, it comes with three 5kg sandbags. Therefore, you can adjust the weight to become 5kg, 10kg or 15kg! The filler bags can also be individually used to smaller movements.


Here are some of the many exercises which can be done using sandbags. I will skip over simple exercises like bicep curls. Those are quite self explanatory.

1. Deadlift. Bring the sandbag from the bottom position to standing position.


2. Clean – jerk the sandbag upwards vertically.


3. Catch the sandbag.


4. This is the ‘clean’ position.


4. From here, you can move into an overhead press. (or push press, or jerk)


5. And into an overhead squat.


6. You can also do a front squat with it.


7. Or a back squat.


8. Renegade row is a pulling movement to build back muscle that cannot be done using body weight movement.


9. Pull the weight upwards towards the chest.


10. Side lunge is a useful exercise to target one leg.


11. Kettlebell swings are famous for engaging the posterior chain to burn 20cal/minute. Did you know you can do the same movement with a sandbag? Save money! Buy one equipment and get multiple benefits.


12. Get the same hamstring stretch and hip explosion of a kettlebell swing with a sandbag!


13. Those small filler bags? You can use it for movements that you are not strong enough to do with a full sandbag! For example, front lunge.


14. Step out with your hands outstretched. This movement trains both the hands and the quads as well as inner glutes.


15. If your overhead press is weak, you can use a single filler bag instead and work with one hand.


16. Press it up! Easy! A 15kg sandbag can be used by you and your parents!




A sandbag is a functional tool that can be used in many compound movements. It is also soft and would not hurt upon impact (unlike a kettlebell, clubbell or dumbbell). The weight is also adjustable with the filler bags have other assistive capabilities to help weaker movements. Any movement that you would want to do with a kettlebell or dumbbell, you can do it with a sandbag too. Better still, it is very cheap.

An empty 15kg sandbag only cost $89! So if you are looking to get your very first functional equipment, get a sandbag, it is a versatile tool that gives the most value for money! To purchase sandbags, click here: Movement First Store – Sandbags.

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