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27/09/2013 Uncategorized

When International Fraud Happens

At Movement First, we treat every single customer with due respect. As our products are relatively niche in this region of the world, we also have customers from other parts of Asia. For international customers, we offer Paypal and Interbank transfer as payment options. Customers understandably prefer Paypal, as it is more convenient. Unfortunately from today onwards, we will be removing Paypal as a payment option for our international customers. The below case will serve as an explanation for our policy change.

In early July, Lily Handayani wrote to my email, requesting for 2 CrossFit MINI timers, and 5 GymBoss, with the total value being $668. As the order is reasonably big, I gave a discount of 10%, and after including air freight, the price was $652. She chose to pay via PayPal and I received her payment shortly.

On July 19th, I posted her package out, and sent her an email of proof  which shows the timers being tested in good working condition, as well as the shipping information. The below image shows the products reached her safely on 1st August.


Package sent to her successfully

Assuming the transaction was a success, I did not contact her anymore. Yet, on 23rd August, I received an email from PayPal, stating that Lily has filed a chargeback on my account. This means Paypal automatically deducted $652 from my account while waiting for “investigations” to complete.

I quickly dropped her emails to ask her the reason for filing the chargeback. There were no replies. Using her email, I found her on Facebook, but immediately after I messaged  her, she disabled her Facebook profile! I can no longer find her email on Facebook! Amazing!

Cached version of her page

Cached version of her page

There was only radio silence on her part, and there was nothing I could do to get a reply from her. Calls to her phone numbers were rejected. What made it worse was that I sent it to her “Paypal Verified Address”, which means it was not sent to a fraudulent address using her credit card, but she actually did receive it.

As part of Paypal chargeback resolution process, I submitted all the email logs, screenshots, photographs and waybill tracking as proof so Paypal could dispute the chargeback on my behalf. After 6 weeks of waiting, Paypal informed me that “the buyer’s credit card company decided in favour of the buyer”. I provided all evidence which proved beyond reasonable doubt that the buyer was a scammer, but investigations that concluded was in favour of the buyer? This is utterly ridiculous, yet I am utterly helpless.

I just lost $652, out of my own pocket, due to a scammer and I have no way to recover my money, nor any way to contact the person who did this. Paypal has stated that there is nothing more they can do for me even though I was a victim of a scam.

As you can see, it is simply too easy to order a chargeback and there is literally nothing the seller can do to fight this. If it is in Singapore, at least we can physically meet the person, but when the sales is international, we are helpless as a business. Therefore, as a way of protection for ourselves, we no longer accept Paypal for international orders.

Here’s also hoping that anyone in Indonesia and the city of Jawa Timur reading this can help to resolve the issue. From what I can find about this person, she is an independent property agent. Her details is as follows:

Name: Lily Handayani
Address: Jl Kaliurang no 7 Malang 65111
City / Country: Jawa Timur – Indonesia
Phone no: 0341-367023 / 08179666908

Other links to her: